Driving Lessons with Peak Driving School

  • Take the test at your peak
  • Pass with minimal driving lessons
  • Pass first time promise with us
  • Structured, attainable goals
  • Interesting and enjoyable driving lessons
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Welcome to Peak Driving School

Peak Driving is a selection of driving instructors who all believe in the same way of teaching; we aim to get you ready for your driving test as soon as possible and make sure you go in at your peak level.

Did you know, the average amount of driving lessons required for a beginner is 45 hours plus 22 hours of private practice? Also the national average learning time for a beginner, according to the DVSA, is over 1 year!

At Peak Driving, we understand that no-one wants to be learning for more than a year and spending more money than they require on driving lessons. That is why we provide cheap driving lessons and will tell you how it is on your first lesson by doing a Peak progress report.

Quote of the week

"I really enjoyed my driving lessons in Milton Keynes with Peak Driving. I spent a lot of time looking for the right driving school, but in the end I chose right. I was really nervous about it - I had only ever looked at a car before, never sat in the driving seat - but my instructor got me through it and made me a (i think) a good driver! Thanks to Peak Driving, I'll never have to get on a train or bus again!"

James Franks - passed first time, 2 minors