Trailer Training Course Advice

Trailer Training Course Advice

Chances are, if you have recently searched for advanced driving courses or training, then you probably have booked a test for an additional category on your license or possibly applied for a role that requires an additional license.

First things first – do you need an additional trailer training license?

Which License?

The UK law states that you need to obtain a category B+E license if you wish to drive any of the following:

  1. Vehicle Weight of 2540kg + Trailer Weight of 600kg + Load of 750kg
  2. Vehicle Weight of 3500kg + Trailer Weight of 750kg + Load of 2750kg
  3. Vehicle Weight of 3500kg + Trailer Weight of 500kg + Load of 90kg

Trailer training course are usually completed for the purpose of employment. Many employers ask for additional categories on driving licenses during the interview process as it saves them money in ongoing training. Distribution based professions will have this as a must have for their advertised role.

Unfortunately, here at Peak Driving we do not offer trailer training courses. However, we can certainly recommend Pure Driving School. They are a driving school based in the south-east that specialise in trailer training courses and cover a number of areas.

If you would prefer normal driving lessons we can certainly help you out. We cover a number of areas in the south-east. However, if it is driving lessons in London you need, we would recommend contacting driveJohnson’s Driving School. They are a national school that offers a number of driving lessons in various locations. They have driving schools in Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, Coventry, Barnet, Edinburgh and many more locations.