Turn in the road

Turn in the road

During your driving test, you may be asked to show you are able to perform an accurate Bay Park in a car park, Parallel Park behind just 1 vehicle, reverse to the left – around a corner or Turn in the road in a wide or narrow road. If you are asked to do a turn in the road, you will be expected to turn your car around so that it’s facing the opposite direction using forward and reverse gears. It must be done with due regard and safety of other car users, with as few moves as possible.

Start with your POM routine (Prepare, observation, manoeuvre) Once the car begins to move, turn your steering wheel one full turn to the right remembering to keep looking up and down the road to see if there are any changes. Keep travelling until your right door mirror appears underneath the kerb. This will be your turning point.

Turn in the road

Once your door mirror appears underneath the kerb, turn the steering wheel the opposite direction to the left and then stop and secure the car. Select the reverse gear and complete your all round observations once more starting with your right shoulder. Assuming nothing is there, begin to slowly reverse backwards, full locking the wheel to the left. Keep travelling backwards until you reach your next focal point and turn one full turn to the right. Your Peak Driving instructor will show you the appropriate points for you to stop and turn until you are familiar with them for your particular vehicle.

Once you have stopped and secured the car, reset your observations by using the POM routine and complete the last stage of your turn in the road. Your vehicle should now be ready to face the other way. Your driving test examiner will ask to to continue driving.

Top Tips

Keep your steering quick and brisk using full turns

Keep your speed slow by only using the clutch to gain or slow down your speed. This is known as clutch control.

Remember to keep looking up and down the road to see if there are any changes. If a vehicle does come towards you, remember to stop, they have priority. If they are willing to wait then proceed with caution.

Avoid dry steering when completing your turn in the road. This means turning the steering wheel when the cars not moving which can damage the tread on your tyres.

If you are struggling to find the correct focal points on your driving test, you can roll down your window and peer your head outside to judge the kerb. Don’t spend too long staring in one place and still look around you for any changes in the road.

REMEMBER a turn in the road can be done in more than three turns!

You only have one attempt at the turn in the road so take your time and don’t rush. If you need some more advice on this manoeuvre call Peak Driving today.