Mock Driving Test

Mock Driving Test

Having a mock driving test before you take your actual driving test is very useful. It’s a great way to find out what your current driving level is and what is required to get to test standard.

Here’s a few reasons why we believe mock driving tests are important:

1. If you have a mock driving test at least 2-3 weeks before your actual test day you can find out what your weaknesses are and you still have time to correct them.

2. Mock tests are a great way of getting used to test conditions. This can help with nerves on the day as you have a better idea of what to expect. Overtime it’s easy to start conversations with your instructor in your driving lessons, where as on the test it will normally be quite silent. So on your mock tests with your Peak Driving Instructor it will be under test conditions and your instructor will play a similar role to the examiner on the day.

3. It’s a great way of working out what minor faults, serious faults and dangerous faults are. Sometimes what you may think is a serious fault is actually just a minor fault.
Often pupil’s don’t realise how serious it is to not look behind them on maneuvers. Getting a serious fault for something like this can hit home and then emphasise the importance and prevent it happening on the big day.

4. If you are a pupil that has come from another driving school with a test coming up, it helps to do a mock test to get a second opinion. Once we had a pupil that was doing his driving lessons in Milton Keynes with another driving school. He came to Peak Driving and it turned out he didn’t know any of the test routes. Knowing the test routes really help and give you an extra advantage on the day of your test too.

5. At Peak Driving we have a pass first time promise. To qualify for the pass first time promise you must take at least one mock test with one of our instructors and pass. Most of our pupils pass their mock test and if they don’t they are welcome to take extra mock tests if they like.

Practice Driving Test

Practicing for the driving test is really important. There’s one thing being able to drive and there’s also knowing what the examiners want. Obviously on the day of your driving test only the examiners opinion really counts. Practicing driving test routes, examiners directions/terminology and doing the manoeuvres in test route hotspots is everything that Peak Driving is about and is a massive contributing factor to our Pass rate that is above 90%.