Independent Driving

Independent Driving

If you have your driving test coming up and your unsure about the independent driving part of the test – then carry on reading, this article is full of helpful tips to help so you don’t learn the hard way and pass first time. In October 2012 the DSA implemented the independent driving within the driving test for the first time. Initially the response from most driving schools was negative. There’s a lot of old schools out there that don’t like change and are set in their ways. Peak Driving School welcomed the change and instead of complaining we made sure our pupils were up to date with the changes and gave them advice on how to tackle the independent driving part of the test.

Driving Test Tips

1. The examiner should always pull you up first and explain what is going to happen for the next 10 mins. The will give you one of two possible scenarios. You may be asked to follow road signs or the examiner may ask you to follow a course of 3-4 diagrams. For each independent driving diagram they will pull you up first, show and tell you. It’s up to you to remember those directions/images in your head. Each diagram will have up to 4 junctions on it, some have as little as 2 junctions.

2. In the event you forget where you are going, make sure you ask the examiner in plenty of time where to go, it’s not ideal, but its better than panicking at the last moment or changing your direction at short notice. You will not be marked down if you ask for a direction. Just say your sorry and nervous – the examiner should be fine with you.

3. Remember you are being tested on your ability to drive not remember directions. So safety should take priority. If you are in the left hand lane and at short notice you realise you need the right hand lane then just make sure you go the wrong direction safely, so go ahead or left but don’t swerve for the right hand lane.independent driving

4. On the independent driving part of the test its very easy to get boggled down with the directions that you miss checking your junctions early. It’s difficult multi-tasking, but you need to keep your observations as well. Early vision = early decisions.

5. Listen out for signals cancelling too early and don’t forget to put your signals on in good time on the approach. During the independent driving part it’s very easy to forget a left signal when turning left. If you emerge out of a junction with no signal on the approach the examiner is entitled to fail you.

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