How to deal with minor car accidents

How to deal with minor car accidents

We all aware of that moment when you ask a student to pull up to side of the road and SCRAPE! Now you got some bad scratches on the wheel and you need alloy wheel refurbishment.

Or a student is pulling out a spot/ changing lanes then BAMN! Another car suddenly pulls up and you are involved in a minor accident, A bit of damage is done, but nothing too serious and repairs is required and for your students that never been in that situation they might be frightened or startled. This a small guide on how to handle the situation.

If this a collision with another vehicle look at the license plate, make and model. It’s important to immediately look at the third party vehicle and make a note of their details if possible as there is a chance they might drive off.

Move the Vehicle away from further danger and turn on your Hazard lights to alert other drivers your vehicle won’t be moving anytime soon.

Call the Police as soon as possible- no matter how minor the incident the police should be informed about car accidents, this will particularly helpful if repairs are needed. The police report can help determine who is responsible for paying.

Get out your car if it safe to do so. In minor accidents it is highly unlikely that you would be at high risks, inside your vehicle such as further collision provided you moved it away from harms ways.

Make sure nobody is hurt- Check that you and passenger in your vehicle are not injured.

Look for witnesses- if the accident happened in sight of pedestrians, shops or other drivers ask them for their information or ask them to stay on the scene until police arrive so they can provide statements.

Exchange details with other drivers. Information such as names, address, telephone number, driver license numbers and insurance provider and vehicle registration should be checked.

Inform your insurance company- the incident must be reported to your insurance but you may chose not to claim repairs through the insurance car depending how serious the damage is or how much your insurance access is.

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