Driving test northampton

Driving test northampton

You have typed ‘Driving test Northampton‘ because you probably have a test coming up and want to find out more about one of the following in the Northampton area: Theory test centre location, driving test centre location, routes for the driving test or general advice about taking the driving test in Northampton.


Northampton driving test centre: Gladstone Road, Northampton NN5 7QA

Opening times: 8am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Occasionally opens on Saturday’s.

Northampton theory test centre: Suite 201, Sol House, St.Katherines Street,, Northampton NN1 2QZ

Opening times: 9am-6:30pm, Monday to Friday.


In 2010 the DVSA introduced the independent driving part of the test and decided to not publish the test routes.

Many routes haven’t changed much Pre 2010. However, you can expect to drive in the areas highlighted in the diagram. You will definitely cover town driving and you may also cover country roads and fast dual carriageways.


8:10/8:20am test – Pro’s and Con’s

Like any busy town or city try to avoid rush hour unless you are very confident moving off quickly. Available gaps to pull out into new roads/junctions will require good quick decision making, good judgement and co-ordination of the gas/clutch pedal.

If you are a confident driver, then the benefits of taking an 8:10am or 8:20am test is that you will likely get a more scenic route which will involve country roads and less busy complicated junctions. Northampton has 14 test routes, however, only 6 are used between 8-9am.

Get to the test centre at least 10-15 minutes before hand

The DVSA advise to only enter the test centre 5 minutes before the test. There is potentially 6-8 cars going in at the same time, so this can prove difficult. If you don’t get this right, then you could be the last car going in and then be left rushing. With no time to go to the toilet, get your breathing technique calm and right or for some people having a quick cigarette – you may feel rushed and be flapping going into the test, which is not a good mental approach and start to your driving test in Northampton.

So, get there 15 minutes before. Have a cigarette or whatever you need to do outside the test centre and then aim to be the second learner car that drives into the test centre. This will normally be around 8-10 minutes before the test.

Failed at Northampton test centre too many times ?

If you are failing at Northampton because you don’t know the area very well then you may want to consider changing to a driving instructor in Northampton that does know the area well. Alternatively, there are other test centres close which are considered slightly easier, such as; Kettering, Wellingborough and Rugby.

At Peak Driving we don’t have any instructors in Rugby, however, we can strongly recommenddriveJohnson’s Driving School in Rugby. They provide weekly and intensive driving lessons and like us – have a high pass rate.